Who were the mean girls of the Met Gala?

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By Sharyn Casey

The Met Gala was on in New York yesterday & Rihanna teamed up with her new BFF Cara De Levigne were the mean girls of the night. The pair got ready together  cause they were both wearing Stella McCartney and were by eachothers side all night – In the ton of photos Cara posted not one of them included her BFF & Wifey Rita Ora.

Rumours these 2 were not friends anymore have been swirling for a while and last night it was made very clear to all those around that Cara had officially ditched Rita for Rihanna who shares her love of hard partying and dabbling in drugs as the girls stayed on opposite sides of the room.

Another cat fight was the classic Kim and Beyonce weirdness, Jay Z happily posed for photos with Kim & chatted away, whereas Beyonce didn’t get any pics with Kim & avoided Kim as much as possible opting to hang with her sister & Lupita Nyong.

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