Which star went on a twitter rant at cable company?


TV and Movie star PATRICK STEWART TAKES CABLE COMPANY TO TASK WITH TWITTER RANT Actor PATRICK STEWART has sparked a Twitter.com war with bosses at cable company Time Warner Cable in his adopted New York after taking to the microblogging site to vent his frustrations about trying to get hooked up.

he former Star Trek captain and X-Men leader discovered fame meant nothing as he attempted to sign up for cable at home, and he eventually let the company he was dealing with on the phone know just how he felt. He tweeted, "All I wanted to do was set up an account with @TWCable_NYC but 36hrs later I've lost the will to live."

A representative for the company replied to his tweet, asking, "How may we assist you?" prompting an angry Stewart to respond, "If that question had been asked at any time in the last 36 hours it would have been of value. But now..."

The exchange became a hot item on Twitter.com - the actor's comments were retweeted over 1,100 times.


source: data archive