Which of our favourite celebrities have Herpes?

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

The website Ranker.com put together a list of 52 celebrities who supposedly have Herpes.

Paris Hilton.  Her Valtrex prescription was once found in a storage locker she abandoned.

Britney Spears.  She was spotted buying a different herpes medication called Zovirax at a drug store.

Kim Kardashian.  She supposedly shows signs of herpes from time to time on her lip. Also, her ex-husband Kris Humphries was sued for allegedly infecting a woman.

Rihanna and Chris Brown.  They've also been spotted with lip scars.

Brad Pitt.  He reportedly got it BEFORE hooking up with Jennifer Aniston . . . although it's not clear if SHE has it.

David and Victoria Beckham.  No word if one of them gave it to the other, or if they both brought it into the relationship.

Bill Clinton.  There's no word where he got it, or if he passed it along to Hillary.

Robin Williams.  He was once sued by a woman who claimed she got it from him.  They settled out of court.

Janet Jackson.  Her former personal chef claimed she used to get her prescription in his name.

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