What did Shia LaBeouf’s agree to do while filming that’s made his girlfriend furious?

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By Megan

Shia LeBeoufs may have found a loophole that every other guy can only dream of.

Shia has decided he will have sex ‘for real’ for scenes in the new movie Nymphomaniac.

According to friends, Shia didn’t discuss his decision with his GF Karolyn. Her pals reveal:

“Karolyn gets that Shia likes to go method and appreciates his artistic integrity. However, she thinks performing a real sex scene in a movie is going too far. It’s difficult for her to understand why it can’t be simulated – just like in other films."

I’m pretty sure that’s not ok, especially when it’s so easily simulated in movies. Another source adds:

“She wants him to do the film, because Shia was desperate to work with Lars – he’s such a hero of his. And she doesn’t mind if he strips off completely – she had no qualms about the Sigur Ros music video. But Karolyn doesn’t want him having sex with somebody else – simple. She’s begged Shia to ask Lars if it’s possible to make the scenes appear real, rather than shoot them real."

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