Was Solange pissed at Jay Z because he wouldn't let her friends in to an after party?

Image: Beyonce's Instagram

Image: Beyonce's Instagram

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

Sharyn from The Edge afternoon show is the biggest fan of Beyonce so has kindly been feeding us the latest updates on the Jay Z/Solange fight.

Supposedly Solange was wasted and tried to get some non famous friends into the party at the Standard hotel by saying they were Jay Z’s friends.

Jay Z was NOT happy about this & told the bouncer he didn’t know them.

Solange lost it. Then when she heard Jay tell Beyonce he wanted to pop in to Rihanna’s after party Solange got going again yelling at Jay Z “Why can’t you just go home? “

Then turning to Beyonce “Why does your husband have to go to the club right now?”

Jay Z told her to cool it, it got heated & Jay Z accused a wasted Solange of being a bad mother – that’s when the punching started.

Beyonce is trying to make everything look sweet and sugary by posting four photos of her and her sister on Instagram last night.

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