Topshop and Topman to open a huge Auckland store and coming to a town near you!



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British fashion retailer Topshop is set for major New Zealand expansion, with plans to open a flagship Central Auckland store and establish a nationwide chain.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Kiwi designer Karen Walker has partnered with local clothes retailer Barkers and Christchurch Rich Lister Phillip Carter to form a new company, Top Retail.

The company has secured the rights to own, develop and operate the London-based brand, including its men's offshoot Topman, across this country.

Walker has operated a small Topshop and Topman outlet in Takapuna since 2010.

The new 1200 sq m store is set to open on the lower section of Queen St later this year.

Ms Walker says the new store will offer the full Topshop and Topman ranges, and new collections will arrive by air freight four times a week.

"They put out about 500 new pieces a week. The makeup, the basics, the swimwear - every single thing they put out will be coming into that store," she told the New Zealand Herald.

Barkers managing director Jamie Whiting says more outlets are planned for all of New Zealand's main centres.

It is still unclear where the second store, on which work is set to begin within the next couple of months, will be located.
"Whether we do our second store in Auckland or go to Wellington or Christchurch, we really haven't decided on that yet," says Mr Whiting. "Location is absolutely crucial - having the right space in the right retail area."

Ahh excite! / The Edge

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