Tom Cruise asked outright if he’s gay

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

You know how there have long been rumours about Tom Cruise’s sexuality? Well when he was filming Jerry Maguire, his co-star Cuba Gooding Jr.'s dad visited the set one day and just asked Tom outright if he was gay.

Cuba says, "He gave Tom a hug and said, 'I love you man. Now seriously, are you gay or not?'"

But Tom took it in stride. Cuba says, “I almost fainted. And thought, please lord let me disappear. Tom just laughed and said 'No.'"

By the way, Cuba also says he's tired of people shouting his classic line from the movie, "Show Me the Money!" at him.

"It's hard especially when some drunk in a bar asks and finally you say it and he says, 'No, say it like you said it in the movie!'"

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