TOP 10

Daily themed countdown of 10 hot music vids​.

This vs That

Each weeknight from 7.30-8pm we put two artists head to head to battle it out and see who comes out on top!

The Slab

The Slab is brought to you by NZ On Air. Catch Chris Mac from Six60 on Edge TV, Sky Channel 114, Freeview Channel 11 premiering each week at 10pm on Wednesday bringing you the best in kiwi music!

The Edge Mix

Whether you are having a party at home or getting ready to head out. The Edge Mix is a commercial free show, making it the ultimate playlist for a night out (or in!).


Your nightly feed of pop culture and entertainment hosted by Megan, Sam, Chang and the occasional celebrity!


Brought to you by The Edge SMASH! 20 hosts Marty Hehewerth and Stephanie Monks, SMASH! features the latest in music and entertainment, plus celeb interviews, behind-the-scenes access and competitions.

Smash 20

A countdown of the biggest 20 songs in NZ right now on Sundays 9-11a hosted by Sean​.


A countdown of the biggest 10 songs in NZ right now weeknights 5.30-6pm​.

Hot Tune Time Machine

It's our throwback hour! We'll play the biggest clips from a different year each day, so step into our Hot Tune Time Machine. weekdays at midday. You'll never know what year you'll end up in.

Fat 40

A countdown of the biggest 40 songs in NZ right now ​live on Saturday 10a-1p & Sunday 6-9p​.

Decent Exposure

Edge TV’s Decent Exposure, breaking the newest Kiwi musicians & music videos on the scene. Showcasing the freshest upcoming talent making waves in New Zealand.

All The Hits

The best vids of all the artists you love on The Edge right now​.