The Top 5 Celebritweets from the last 24 hours

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

Rebel Wilson‏ @RebelWilson
I don't put body lotion on until after I've weighed myself coz I feel like that could make a huge difference...

example ‏@example
Leaving New Zealand today. Bit upset I never got to see the World Famous Sheep Show at the Agrodome but I'll hopefully see it next time

Lindsay Lohan‏ @lindsaylohan
I really want to get more followers but i feel as if i don't tweet enough and i feel bad!

Nicole Scherzinger‏ @NicoleScherzy
Went cross country skiing this morning while listening to my new album! I hope u all r ready for the Scherzy music X-plosion! Let's do this!

Hilary Barry‏ @Hilary_Barry
The words that killed my holiday. "Kia Ora. Good Evening." #3news

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