The Edge smashes the world record for nude skinny dipping!

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Today The Edge and BW Summer Festival have broken the world record for the Largest Skinny Dip with an unofficial number of 745 participants. The previous record was held by 729 people in Spain.

Footage and photos of the attempt will now be sent off to Guinness World Records to obtain the official title.

“The team at The Edge are so excited to have finally broken the record for the Largest Skinny Dip! The public and BW Summer Festival Campers turned up in their hundreds, I couldn’t believe there were so many people willing to get their kit off!” says Dena Roberts from The Edge.

“The image of 745 naked people in the ocean is something I definitely won’t be forgetting for a while.”

Calvin Buttimore of BW Summer Festival says, “It couldn’t have gone any better. The energy was awesome, everyone was keen and it was a good atmosphere. We’re really happy with how it all went”.

A massive thanks to all our nudies - we did it!

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