Taylor Swift gets back at the pranksters


By Jay-Jay Feeney

Remember when Pitbull ran a competition with Walmart saying he would go to the Walmart store that got the most LIKES on Facebook? Someone thought it would be funny to send him to the most remote part of America and campaigned for votes for Kodiak Alaska. Pitbull was true to his word and went there. And a similar prank was played on TAYLOR SWIFT. She’s running a Facebook contest saying she’ll perform at the school that gets the most amount of votes and a campaign began for people to vote for The Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Allston, Massachusetts.

Well, the school was winning so contest bosses decided to remove the school from the running.

But Taylor donated $10,000, which has been matched by four other sponsor companies, as well as a ticket for every student to her next local concert.

The school Principal is stoked.

source: data archive