Fletch & Vaughan's Good Morning Sunrise Breakfast

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Long have Saturday Mornings been the domain of bare footed children playing sports, garage sales, Farmer's Markets, hung-over people struggling to find their way home & people who deliver bread and milk.

Fletch & Vaughan's Good Morning Sunrise Breakfast
(originally called "The Yet to be named Fletch and Vaughan Saturday Morning Radio experiment" until we got a name) is designed specifically to compliment your Saturday Morning diet, be it a healthy fruit salad, eggs benedict or some greasies & a blue powerade, it goes down a real treat.

But we ask people why they listen...

Kate, 24, Auckland : I woke up in my clothes from Friday night & I thought it was Monday afternoon. It wasn't, it was 7am Saturday Morning. Scared me half to death

Lyndon, 21, Wellington: Fletch... Vaughan...? Sorry never heard of them.

Claire, 28, Nelson: I can't get any other stations in my car & can't change the volume either. Less of a choice & more of a must...

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