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Sugababes - Freedom



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The Sugababes are back and hotter than ever. Departing from the original line-up these babes are bringing a whole new look and sound. This new line-up features Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen.

These girls certainly havn’t been resting on the success of the Sugababes in the past, oh no. They have been hard at work on what will now be the Sugababes’ eighth studio album and it definitely shows in their new single; Freedom. “We literally can’t wait for people to hear our new material. We’ve enjoyed taking our time in the studio and are excited to be coming back with what we feel is the band’s finest material to date”.

Not only do these girls pack a vocal punch but the video is sizzling! (Did you see that leg kick?!) This song is as infectious as the common cold and will warm you up and get you ready for summer. So check it out!

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