So Lorde just clocked life, becoming the next Rolling Stone cover #proud

Thu-16-Jan-14 10:40

Alright, everybody stand up and give a round of applause to our girl Lorde... she's done it again - made us immensely proud. The 17-year old from Auckland's North Shore is now joining the hall of fame of Rolling Stone covers! Yup, Lorde will be gracing the magazine stands world wide from tomorrow as RS latest cover artist. Insane!

Dressed in a Cramps t-shirt, our girl is being hailed as "the girl who broke the rules".

"Lorde is 17, lives with her parents and loves Sylvia Plath," a preview of the article on the Rolling Stone website reads. "She also has a worldwide smash with 'Royals', four Grammy nominations and acclaim for her smart, unique debut album, Pure Heroine.
"How'd she become the unlikeliest superstar in pop?"

Contributing editor Rob Tannenbaum spent time in New Zealand to write the story, looking at her upbringing and the "crooked path" hit song 'Royals' took to reach #1 in the US almost a year after it was released.

Appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone is a career highlight for many artists, and it seems Lorde is no exception.

"I have to keep reminding myself that this is my life," she wrote on her Twitter account this morning. "This month's rolling stone cover girl: yours truly [sic]."

The Edge / 3news

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