Goodbye to Jay-Jay Feeney - her bombshell message to Dom!

After 10 years of marriage, Jay-Jay has decided to surprise Dom with this bombshell message.

While celebrating their milestone wedding anniversary with a five day break in Perth, Jay-Jay had been sneakily working behind the scenes on a surprise for Dom (even though they agreed not to exchange gifts).

She broke the surprise yesterday to Dom by presenting him with the latest issue of Woman's Day which inside revealed Jay-Jay's exciting news. The issue had a story on Jay-Jay and Dom which included her surprise heartfelt message...

"Happy anniversary Dom! I have a really big surprise for you and I hope you like it because I can't take it back now. I have taken your last name! From now on, everyone will know me as Mrs. Jay-Jay Harvey. I hope you like it. But nothing else changes, I’m still the boss, ok? Love you!"

Listen to Jay-Jay announce the news on The Edge

+ See Dom's reaction below as he reads the news...

The Edge team are super stoked about this news and along with Woman's Day we've got up for grabs two six month subscriptions of the mag to celebrate this exciting milestone for the couple.

Also don't forget to grab your latest Woman's Day mag to read the full story about Jay-Jay's surprising news + much more!