Save your hair this summer!

Save your hair this summer!
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Monday 26 November 12:41 p.m.

By Sharyn Casey

Summer is awesome, sunshine, holidays, camping, glamping (glam camping), road tripping excessive eating & drinking - it’s one of the best times of year! But amongst all the good times it’s easy to let your hair routine slip & you end up cringing when you see the Facebook pics of your frizzy dirty hair. Well no more, my friend, NO MORE! This summer I vow that nobody should have bad hair! I've been on the hunt to find the products you need to keep on top of your hair this summer.

EVO – Love Touch Shine Spray

When you’re in the sun all day, in & out of the beach it’s so easy for your hair to go all frizzy and break, on my hunt I discovered the EVO Love Touch Shine Spray.

I’ve been a big fan of EVO products for a year or so now & apart from how good they smell & the hilarious descriptions on the front – they are an amazing brand for hair products.

The Love Touch Shine Spray is good because even if you do your hair in a rush if you give it a wee spray it’ll give your hair a more polished look to it & it’s a lot lighter in your hair than a lot of shine sprays can be – eliminates the frizz & it smells fruity almost like watermelon... NOM NOM NOM!

Juuce – Dirty Deeds Dry Shampoo

Another must-have over summer is a good Dry Shampoo. If you don’t have time to wash your hair, or you look in the mirror and you decide to take the risk of going one more day without washing your hair, you can quickly spray the Juuce – Dirty Deeds in and it’ll clean your hair without even washing it.

My gripe with Dry Shampoos is after a while they can feel a bit greasy, or you can see where you’ve sprayed it and it takes a lot of brushing to get rid of the white powdery look but not with this one! It's easy to use, not too greasy & once again, feels light in your hair which is a must in the hot sun - you don’t want to feel weighed down by hair product!

Those are my recommendations so get amongst it & be the hottest babe on the beach with amaze hair & you’ll no longer cringe at photos of your greasy frizzy holiday hair you may once of had!

Enter here to win yourself some EVO - Love Touch & Juuce - Dirty Deeds Dry Shampoo! 


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