Russell Brand gets mad at Graham Norton

Graham Norton and Russell Brand

Graham Norton and Russell Brand

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

RUSSELL BRAND lost his cool at Talk show host Graham Norton during the Graham Norton show when Graham asked Russ about Katy Perry. Russell thought he was promoting his new movie Rock Of Ages but when he was asked about his failed marriage, he got mad.

He looked at his mum Barbara who was sitting in the front row of the audience, and then back at Graham and let him have it.

"My mum is here. She got upset when you dragged up my marriage. I saw her cry, Graham. That's the reality because it's real people, Graham, that's my real mum. I have come here to promote a film and you made my mum cry. I don't see you as that sort of person Graham."

Graham tried to defend himself by saying it would seem weird not to ask about Katy since she was on the show last week.

Russell replied, "Will people sit and think, 'Oh, that's odd.' What I would have done, mate, in your position is come up to me before the show and gone, 'Listen, it's a bit odd that your ex-missus was on last week. I might mention it, is that OK?' But in all of the chatting and the research backstage, no one mentioned it."

The awkward argument was edited from the episode.

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