Ronan Keating’s mistress reveals all about their affair.



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When Boyzone star and X Factor Australia judge RONAN KEATING split from his wife Yvonne is 2012 it was because he was busted having an affair. Now the mistress has spoken out!

Dancer Francine Cornell says they first kissed during Boyzone's 2009 tour and began going to hotels together after the shows came to an end.

She says Ronan talked about marrying her but was feeling bad about the affair.

"He loved Yvonne dearly - she was the mother of his children - but he wasn't in love with her. Life on the road meant they'd led separate lives... He was the one who pursued me, most definitely, I made the mistake of falling for it and not having the strength to walk away.”

Francine says Yvonne found her phone number and called her! "She asked me if I loved Ronan and said she did too... There was never anything nasty said but she was really angry with Ronan."

Then they met up and Francine agreed to leave Ronan alone so he and Yvonne could try out their marriage back together.



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