Newmarket Young Fashion Designer Awards

The Young Designers

Tell us who your favourite New Zealand Designer is, and check out the up and coming NZ Designer Superstars below!

Abi Barnes

Carmel College


What inspires me is the constant need to create new trends and fashion. I want to be a part of it.

Alyssa Thurston

Waihi College


One person who inspired me from a young age is my mother. She has helped shape me and my fashion sense into the fashion-loving person that I am today.

Amy Green

Nga Tawa


I’d have to say my biggest inspiration is Christian Dior. I find his fashion captivating and influential because he has broken the boundaries from his first look to modern day.

Briah Peterson

Whangarei Girls High School


Trelise Cooper is my fashion inspiration. Her style and collections are absolutely stunning, and she has made a name for herself around the world all the way from New Zealand.

Brittany Glassey

Lincoln High School


I am inspired by personal experiences, childhood, friends and family. We all have a unique journey which makes an impact on who we are and our creative perspective.

Caelan Sparrow

Glendowie College


What inspires me, is people. Everyday we see people represent and portray themselves in a different way. Whether it’s to show their feelings, their style or their culture. It’s so diverse.

Chelsea Smethurst

Nga Tawa


My inspiration comes from a variety of sources; style blogs, street fashion, magazines and art. I have used the Garnier Paris Opera House, taking the Fresco ceiling as an inspirational starting point, I translated this painting into a textural fabrication.

Kelsey Allot

Westlake Girls


My inspiration came from Maison Martin Margiela and Gareth Pugh, as well as everything else around me. By making rubbish and waste in to beautiful chic fashion pieces.

Samantha MacDonald

Carmel College


Unique fashion with purpose and meaning is what inspires me the most because the designer is able to express their opinion and personality through their work.