Rihanna tweets racy photos from strip club



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By Jay-Jay Feeney

RIHANNA is really a good girl gone bad. She posted photos on Twitter last night of her drinking and tipping strippers at a club.

In one photo she is holding a glass of vodka in her mouth, with no hands, while a blonde stripper is bent over in front of her and she shoves money in her g string.

And in another, RiRi's seen tipping a stripper who pretends to perform oral sex on another stripper - wowzas.

What makes it even worse though is Rihanna tweeted one of the photos with the comment "My daddy would be proud" and the other with the hashtag "RoleModetShit". Hmmmm, not very role model type stuff Ri...

Not surprisingly Rihanna's a bit hungover this morning from her big night at the stripclub - she tweeted this morning: "Woke up repenting... feel like a sinner".

Check out the dodgy photos below...



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