Rihanna and Drake caught in bathroom stall together!

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By Sharyn Casey

Video footage of Drake and Rihanna sneaking into a toilet stall together emerged online on Sunday. They were out at a restaurant for dinner and Drake went to the bathroom and a few mins later Rihanna followed with a body guard watching the door. When Rihanna got in she can be seen in the video pushing another man out the door. 

About 10mins later Drake emerged with a spring in his step & Rihanna a couple of mins later still fixing her pants.

While Rihanna had a good weekend, her ex Chris Brown was taken to jail for violating his probation. Chris was kicked out of rehab for reasons that haven’t been revealed yet but an insider says he was caught hooking up with a rehab worker & that was why Karrueche Tran also broke up with him. 

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