Pippa Middleton opens up about her life in the spotlight

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton

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By Jay-Jay Feeney


Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa has opened up about her life in the spotlight, saying she's still struggling to "make sense" of her new-found fame.

In her new party planning book, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends, she writes, "It's a bit startling to achieve global recognition before the age of 30 on account of your sister, your brother-in-law and your bottom.

"One day I might be able to make sense of this. In the meantime I think it's fair to say that it has its upside and its downside... I can assure you that it feels even stranger to me than it probably does to you to have seen so much written about me when I have done so little to paint a picture of myself."




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