Paul Walker purchases engagement ring struggling soldier

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A Santa Barbara jewelry store clerk has revealed that Paul Walker once anonymously purchased an engagement ring for a struggling solider and his wife to be.

The Fast and The Furious star noticed a soldier who had just returned form his first tour of duty browsing with his partner, looking at engagement rings.

The store clerk Irene King remembers “She saw something that she really, really liked, but he said, ‘Honey, I can’t afford that,’”

Paul Walker reached out in a random act of kindness taking it upon himself to purchase the $10,000 engagement set for the couple.

“He called the manager and he said, ‘Umm, the ring that those people are looking at – put it on my tab,’” King says. “Soon after that, he just left.”

King also mentioned that Walker requested that the couple be told it was an anonymous gift and have kept the secret until now.


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