Paris Hilton makes "DJ" debut

Thu-28-Jun-12 13:46

Paris Hilton has added "DJ" to her CV (which originally just had on it: club appearances, reality TV star and boring), we use the word DJ loosely in this case as DJs usually tend to mix and can actually play a track without another one crashing it unintentionally (and horribly). However, on this night, Paris Hilton the so called "DJ" just pushes play, attempts to sexy dance and tries to multitask holding a mic and "mixing". Check out the video of the heiress dropping her new track which she accidentally cues up and crashes with Rihanna's 'We Found Love' - but don't worry, someone who actually knows what they're doing on the decks saves the day. Oh and she tries to sing over the track too, and there's fireworks - which all put together is a bit awkward.

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