Out of Jay-Jay, Mike or Dom who made David Hartnell's Best Dressed List?

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

David Hartnell’s Annual BEST DRESSED List is out in this week’s NZ Woman’s Weekly. He has opted to drop the Worst Dressed list which I appeared in a couple of years ago.

The Supreme Winner of the Best Dressed Man is The Mad Butcher Sir Peter Leitch. Other Best Dressed Men are One New star Matty McLean, Jono & Ben at Ten star Ben Boyce, The Great Food Race chef with the big moustache Lorenzo Bresolin, former Masterchef winner Brett McGregor, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, weatherman Sam Wallace, politician Simon Bridges, talkback radio host Leighton Smith, Seven Sharp star Mike Hosking and Step Dave star Jono Kenyon.

The Supreme Winner of the Best Dressed Woman is Paul Henry’s sidekick Janika Ter Ellen. Other Best Dressed Women are John’s wife Bronagh Key, Fair Go’s Pippa Wetzel, Good Morning host Jeanette Thomas, Dame Rosie Horton, Paralympian Sophie Pascoe, Lorraine Downes, MP Judith Collins, netballer Maria Tutaia, Lorde and…. JAY-JAY FEENEY!! I was on his Worst Dressed list a couple of years ago.

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