Our favourite 5SOS tour moments

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These boys look like they're having a blast! Here are a few of our fave moments of their tour so far.

And what did the boys say about coming to New Zealand? Well Marty & Steph found out when they met 5 Seconds of Summer...

When Calum and Luke played the song we ALL know on the piano:

The weird Special Agent Banana Cam:

Their before-show ritual:

When they all pretended to be Ashton:

Good to know they boys are just like us and enjoy a bit of stupidity on YouTube in their downtime:

WHOA! Michael absolutely smashing it on stage!:

Luke dying the happiest death EVERRRRRR:

When Ashton made THIS face:

Our favourite costume!!

All bug-eyed...

Rocking out to the Bee Gees - priceless!

Squeezing in for selfies!

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