One Direction record wake up message!

One Direction

One Direction

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By Hamish Crocker

In America this month schools are taking part in an attendance challenge along side celebrities such as Chris Pine, Ciara and One Direction, where the winning school will have a celebrity principal for the day!

As part of the challenge, One Direction have recorded a wake up call that fans can sign up to.


”Good Morning!” the boys say to student receiving the wake up call, “We’re not used to calling people this early, so you know this is important... Falling back asleep won’t get you anywhere, so get up, go to school, and make sure you bring your friends, and your lunchbox.” 

It' safe to say that most Directioners would love to wake up to the sound of Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam whispering in their ear that it's time to get up.




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