Nicki Minaj gets her bikini on and goes to the beach, beach in 'Starships' video

Mon-30-Apr-12 08:26

Nicki Minaj has dropped her latest video, for her hit Starships. The slick clip is a mix of alien aircraft, a big party and Nicki Minaj wearing next to nothing crawling around in the sand on a beach, beach.

The video wasn't released without a bit of drama though... (Nicki isn't having a good month internet wise, what with getting sick of Twitter fans/media and deleting her account and now this...) Nicki has lashed out a Vevo (the music video company made up of most record companies that releases all the official music videos for artists via Youtube) after they didn't release the 'Starships' video on time. Although Nicki insisted to fans/media that the clip was in the process of being uploaded to Youtube, no video came. Vevo chimed in on their official Twitter account tweeting to Nicki - "@NICKIMINAJ We don't even have it yet! Eagerly waiting along with the rest of the Barbz! Side eye to the peeps in charge of sending...," to which Nicki replied: "@VEVO yes u do have it so STOP saying that! Its been uploading. U guys aren't communicating. Production didn't tell Marketing! -__- *blinks*" and then Vevo came back defensively: "@NICKIMINAJ Better talk to your label then. We have no reason to lie bout this! We will upload as soon as we get it!", to which Nicki furiously tweeted back a threat to have someone at Vevo fired over the whole drama! The video then promptly turned up on Vevo/Youtube. No word as to whether anyone at Vevo was fired, but they've definitely learnt to never muck around the Minaj again.

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