NZ has our first celebrity sex tape!

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

NZ has its first celebrity sex tape! Shortland St star Teuila Blakely and Warriors centre Konrad Hurrell star in the selfie video.

The video shows Konrad and Teuila in a moving car. Konrad is driving and Teuila is… showing her love for him!

Konrad uploaded it to Snapchat and doesn’t know how it ended up online after that.

She’s 39 and he’s 22, the same age as Teuila’s son. They have been casually dating for a few months.

Teuila says, "Koni filmed it as a joke, but neither of us knows who uploaded it.

"But I accept what I do in my life, and neither of us are bothered about it. It was a tape between two people who have a lot of fun together. It's not like I'm Kim Kardashian," she laughed.

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