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Riley Richards: For You

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Tell us about yourself? 

My name is Riley Richards, I'm 18 and from Christchurch. I started teaching myself guitar and songwriting from an early age. I draw inspiration from things that happen in my life that inspire me. Ultimately I am a pop artist but my music crosses over in to other genres like R&B and blues. 

What is your single about?

'For You' is about having a fun summer with your friends - going on road trips, to the beach, and just remembering that you're alive and living without regret.

Where did you record this single, and who helped you out?

I recorded the song here in Christchurch in a local studio. It was my first time in a studio and it was a great experience - I can't wait to get back there and record some more. 

Have you got a video out, if so what is the theme/story behind the video? 

I haven't got an official video out yet but I have a lyric video which is pretty true to the song.

Who’s in your band?

Just me but I have a guitarist, who helps me out with my live performances.

Have you got any tours coming up?

No tours as yet -  but I have been performing live and have been promoting the single on shows like What now and the 4.30 show.

Have you got an album coming out soon?

Not yet. I am currently working on my second single and I'm loving how its sounding so far. It's got a Bluesy / Gospel feel to it.

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