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Gladius & Ryan Enzed: Living The Dream

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What is your single about?

Gladius: “Living The Dream" is a song about overcoming the obstacles in life & living your life without regrets. I just recently travelled the south island with my best friend, and every day we were presented with new challenges.

It's important to take risks in life, even if they are terrifying, in order to find the kind of fulfilment you couldn't find by staying safe. This whole journey was a risk. That feeling of not believing how good life can be after overcoming that inspired me to write this song.
Where did you record this single, and who helped you out?

Gladius: We started the song one afternoon at my place where we came up with the basic melody and chords. 

Ryan: I then took these initial ideas back to my place and got stuck into making the chorus. From the start we both knew we wanted to make this song a bit of a banger. The chorus of this track is where we really wanted to give that explosive feeling and give listeners the urge to cut some shapes on the dance floor.

Gladius: After Ryan had sent me the chorus I got busy putting the verses together, as well as recording all the vocals. The following week we went into Ryan’s studio where we did the final touch-ups and the song was done!

Who’s in your band?

Ryan: We are individual artists We are both 1-man-bands! 

Have you got any tours coming up?

Ryan: Neither of us have any up coming tours, but we are both looking forward to playing this track at next months Deep Hard’n Funky dance party!

Where can we find out more about you? 

Gladius: You can check me out on Facebook & SoundCloud
Ryan: Watch my videos on my YouTube channel or follow my journey on Facebook

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