More details on Paul Walker's tragic Death

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More details are emerging about the tragic death of Paul Walker, who was killed on Sunday in a car accident when the Porsche he was a passenger in exploded on impact.

Paul was in the car because his friend was test driving the car, Paul was excited to go for the ride & even happily posed for pics with the car first.

The car was making funny noises and that’s why they wanted to see if they could figure out what was going wrong.

They had been driving for 20mins & had the accident on the way home.

Paul’s 23 year old girlfriend of 7 years is not dealing with the shock at all & is being comforted by friends and family

Yesterday a post on Facebook from his 15 year old daughter was revealed to be fake.

Someone made a fake profile & posted a message posing as his daughter but if you saw it, his reps have said this is 100% fake & his daughter has posted nothing.

Paul’s Fast & the Furious family are devastated as they had just celebrated his 40th birthday on set at 1am after a day of shooting, Co-Star Tyrese was seen at the crash scene paying respects yesterday where paparazzi went mental & even had a boom mic trying to get Tyrese’s reaction as he broke down in tears surrounded by a completely silent crowd of fans.

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