Mick Jagger used to cry over Angelina Jolie

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According to a new book called "Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger", Mick used to bombard her with calls BEGGING for a little action but she never gave in, and it drove him INSANE.

It started in 1997, when Angelina played a stripper in the ROLLING STONES video "Anybody Seen My Baby?"

Mick admitted at the time that Angelina SCARED him a little, because she was into hard drugs, S&M and cutting.  But it also ATTRACTED him to her.

Mick pursued Angelina for the next few years, leaving desperate messages for her like, "Angelina, I have got to speak to you.  Call me" . . . and "Miss Jolie, why aren't you returning my calls?"

A source says Mick was, "virtually sobbing" on the phone, while Angelina seemed to enjoy, "messing with his head."  

By Jay-Jay Feeney

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