Meet the inspiration for 'The Fault in our Stars'

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By Sharyn Casey

If you’ve seen The Fault in their Stars and it made you cry, this is going to make you cry even more.

The story was written by John Green who wrote the story about his real life friend Esther Earl. Esther lost her battle with Thyroid cancer when she was 16, which is who Hazel Grace Lancaster the main character in The Fault in our Stars is based on.

John met Esther at a Harry Potter Fan conference in 2009 & they hit it off straight away. John didn’t want people to forget her when she passed which is why he wrote ‘The Fault in our Stars’.

Esther is Persian for stars which is why there are star references in the title & through the movie & Hazel Grace looks a lot like Esther in the movie. Every year they post an inspiring video from Esther on her birthday August 3rd.

Watch a video from Esther to John belo.

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