Mariah Carey splashes out thousands and thousands of $$$ on her dogs

Image: AAP

Image: AAP

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By Steph Monks

Mariah splashed out $230,000 for her eight dogs to go on a luxury holiday!

It’s not like she’s going away on holiday and she needs to put them in a kennel. She just wants to send them away for a bit of a relaxing doggy-pampering holiday.

The hotel is called The Paw Seasons and they’ll be washed, groomed, taken on day trips, get facials, sleep in the own hotel beds, chefs cook them personalised meals like juicy organic steaks. The hotel costs $30,000.

And it’s in England, so paid $200,000 to charter a private jet for her dogs to travel there in style!

Her dogs names: Jill E Beans, The Good Reverend Pow Jackson, Pipitty Jackson, Cha Cha, Jackie Lamb Chops, JJ, Squeak E Beans and Mutley P Gore Jackson The Third.

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