Madonna has apologised to her fans down under

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

Madonna has apologised to her Australian fans for calling off plans to tour Down Under later this year. She says she needed to spend time with her kids.

In a recorded message for fans on her website, Madonna says, "I just want to say to all of my Australian fans I am really and truly sorry to have disappointed you. That's something that I don't feel very good about. I know the last time I was on tour I missed Australia as well. I can promise you in my heart of hearts it was my intention to come again, but like the last time my children are my first priority.”

"I know a lot of you are angry with me, upset with me, disappointed. I did everything I could, I thought long and hard about it, I decided the best thing for me to do would be to end my seven months on the road at the end of the year and not continue on with my tour so I could spend time with my children who need me... I hope that you can understand and forgive me."

Listen to the apology here.

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