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Lorde's producer, Joel Little, reveals he's working with Ellie Goulding next!

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By Kooge / @mikekooge

Kiwi music producer (and ex-Goodnight Nurse singer, remember GNN?) who has already brought us huge hits from LORDE aswell as music from up and comers BROODS and INDI. has revealed what his next project is...



The talented 30-year-old Auckland producer, vocalist and song-writer revealed the huge news this morning to Jay-Jay Feeney on The Edge in L.A. while they chatted about The Grammys (Joel himself has been nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year with Lorde for the smash 'Royals'.)

Jay-Jay: "Have you had any massive names approach you personally asking you to work with them now?"
Joel: "Um, a couple names here and there. They usually go through my manager, which is great. But it's normally like record companies will suggest people and you'll kind of say 'ah i'm kinda interested in working with that person, but we'll see what happens'. Like, i'm not really worried about working with superstars, it's more about being involved with stuff that I think the music's cool. So there's some upcoming acts that i'm working with that I think are great and then there's some people who are a bit more well known that i'll do some stuff with and we'll see what happens."
Jay-Jay: "C'mon, can you tell us one of them...?"
Joel: "I don't know, um, i'm probably going to do some stuff with Ellie Goulding, in the next little while. Which will be cool, i've always been a fan of hers. So that'll be fun, yeah."

Nice. Can't wait to hear what comes from that!

Click to listen to the full interview with Joel Little & Jay-Jay.

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