Lorde takes home two Grammys and makes us very proud

Tue-28-Jan-14 06:02

The 17-year-old Aucklander is the talk of the music industry after scooping the gongs for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance at yesterday's 56th Grammy Awards.

Ella, who was the second performer of the night (doing a stripped back version of 'Royals' on a small stage in the middle of the crowd) was clearly blown away with what has happening right in front of her as she walked up to graciously accept her first Grammy of the night (Best Pop Solo Performance), "this is the one thing, that I did not expect most about tonight, so thank you so much". She then went on to thank the other other nominees in the category - Sara Bareillis, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake... ""I have been so inspired by all of your vocal work at some point in my life, so thank you."

As she thanked the stars, she received in return glowing smiles from Sara Bareillis and Katy Perry.

Later in the night, Lorde got to walk up to that big stage again, this time with producer & co-writer Joel Little to accept the award for Song Of The Year ('Royals') from the legendary Carole King and Sara Bareillis.

Joel started off the thank you speech... "We made this song orginally, just to give away for free and so to be here now in this room with so many legends and people whose work I admire is a complete honour, so thank you for that." Joel went on to thank his wife, family, manager and of course... Ella. "I think you're amazing, I always have."

After a shy smile, Ella joins in to sing the praises back to her 'Lorde other half', "I probably wouldn't be here if Joel wasn't here. This guy has nutured me through my first years of song writing which I will forever owe him." "Thank you to everyone who has let this song ('Royals') explode, case it's been mental."

And with that, New Zealand collectively smiled with intense pride and took to Twitter to express their happiness.

We weren't the only ones either - stars like Taylor Swift stepped up their love for our Lorde... moving in to full girl crush/BFF mode!

After the big show, Lorde was whisked backstage to her dressing room for a quick change and then was ushered off to various big Grammys after-parties including one hosted by Universal, the record company she's signed to.

Lorde's first performance after her two magnificent Grammy wins will be in Auckland tomorrow at Silo Park ... at a special show to make up for having to pull out of Auckland's Laneway Festival to attend the awards.

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