Kristen Stewart slags off women in Hollywood

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

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As if Kristen Stewart doesn’t have enough haters these days someone is leaking details of exactly what she thinks about other Hollywood starlets…

It seems that Kristen Stewart is stewing over Jennifer Lawrence’s crazy successful year as she’s completely taken over the awards season. A source revealed Kristen’s opinion:

“Seeing Jennifer Lawrence being worshipped on the red carpet, winning a Golden Globe and getting nominated for the Oscars has really gotten to Kristen. Jennifer’s come out of nowhere and is getting adulation that Kristen used to dream about.”

Apparently she is also not a fan of Jennifer Anniston…

A source said:

“Kristen’s always been a big fan of Angelina Jolie and has never really rated Jennifer Aniston as an actress … Kristen believes if it wasn’t for her bitter rivalry with Angelina, Jen would NOT be this famous these days at all.”

She was also none too happy about being ranked behind Katy Perry on the Men’s Health “Hottest Women of 2013” list as a source revealed Kristen did not like her 89th place rating versus Katy’s 1st place:

“Kristen couldn’t believe that Katy was No. 1 on that list… she’s known Katy for years and doesn’t think she looks that hot, especially without her makeup.”

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