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Every weekday morning Kooge has all the latest news and breaking news stories as they happen!

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Name: Kooge (it's dutch, and it's my last name - My first name is Michael).
Age: 27
What I do at The Edge: News for Jay-Jay, Mike & Dom, the occasional weekend show and The Edge website.
Favourite Song on The EDGE: at the moment: Avicii 'Levels'.
Favourite TV Show: Dexter, How To Make It In America, Mad Men, Lost.
Top three favourite movies of all time: That's hard, I'm a huge movie fan - can't think of a favourite. "The Dark Knight" is definitely up there. And "Rain" (a kiwi movie).
Hottest Celebrity Crush: Kate Middleton, Sandra Bullock, Lady Gaga (sometimes, other times not so much - she can look a bit freaky.)
Favourite item of clothing: Jeans, chucks, my cheap sunnies that look expensive.

Originally from Whangarei, The Kooge is a young, debonare, smooth kind of guy who frequents the local country clubs in the weekends and plays croquet and drinks scotch on the rocks with other snobby country clubbers and their horses and spoilt brat hot daughters who drive 2011 Chrysler 300Cs. Okay, that's all crap. But it sounds good.

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