Knives At Noon: Handshake of the Heartache

Knives At Noon

Knives At Noon

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We are Knives at Noon from Dunedin. This is our new single, Handshake of the Heartache out now!

What is your single about?

Handshake for the Heartache is about forbidden love, its about when social pressures surpass or question the strength of a relationship. The lyrics describe a hidden affair, and coming to terms with the inevitable demise of what might have been true love.

Where did you record this single, and who helped you out?

We recorded this single at York St Studios with renowned UK Greg Haver (Manic St. Preachers among many others). It was an excellent recording environment, and would recommend Morton (Studio helper) as one of the best audio engineer baristas we have come across!

Have you got a video out, if so what is the theme/story behind the video?

The video is out on youtube now! The theme behind the video is a juxtaposition of how someone going through an internal struggle of how they think other people see them (the bright and colourful stuff) and how he feels towards these feelings (all of the solo shots dark and brooding). It was shot over 2 days in May in Auckland in Mission Bay and a Mt Eden studio. What you don’t see is that it is freezing cold! This wasn’t too much of a problem for us Southerners, but the poor models who had to jump into the pool were freezing and really felt the cold!

Who’s in your band?

Playing on this track is Tim Couch on Drums, Oli Wilson on Synths, Paul Gauvin on Guitars, and Tim McCartney doing the singing.

Have you got any tours coming up?

We will be touring towards the end of this year, and cannot wait to get back on the road. Touring is what we live for.

Have you got an album coming out soon?

We are already working on a follow-up single… but beyond that is top secret!!

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