Kim and Kanye’s honeymoon demands revealed

Image: AAP

Image: AAP

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

Someone has leaked the email exchanges between Kim and Kanye’s travel company and their contact in Ireland where they spent their honeymoon.

Their demands were very boring and not very romantic.


1. Please have staff waiting to greet them as appropriate;
2. Have fires and/or candles lit upon arrival;
3. Have tea/refreshments waiting upon arrival;
4. Extra pillow, throw blankets, and comforters available, etc.;
5. If night arrival, perhaps lanterns can be arranged on the drive or entrance;
6. Please have an Irish flag flying from the main turret of the house;
7. Please make sure all rooms are appropriately and warmly furnished;
8. We understand from property write-up that Oliver has an outdoor hot tub in the folly – can this be placed on standby during their stay?

We all know Kim was bored during the holiday and came home early.

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