Katy Perry's Wedding Dress

Katy Perry's Wedding Dress
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Tuesday 26 October 12:12 p.m.

By Megan Slovak

Well there's no photos of Katy actually in the dress from the big day as yet...but sources say she wore a long white traditional Elie Saab Haute Couture gown.

Elie Saab Bridal designs are known to be very feminine, floaty and very detailed gowns. I’ve attached some other Elie Saab dresses below for your convenience…

Katy Perry’s Wedding Dress

Katy’s dress was covered in beading, and for the ceremony she wore $7000 custom heels that were covered in beads to match the dress, and swapped those for sparkly sandals for the reception.

I’m gonna guess something along the lines of this Elie Saab number…

Katy Perry’s Wedding Dress

There are also reports that instead of a veil she wore a headpiece!
An insider said:
“There's a really…interesting head piece. I don't think most brides could pull it off, but most brides aren't Katy Perry."

Hands up who can’t wait for photos! *waving hand in air

Oh, and Russell looked good too.

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  • Henrietta Harper
    a bit over the top dont you think

    26/10/2010 6:24:36 p.m.