Justin Timberlake collaborating with designer Tom Ford

Justin Timberlake collaborating with designer Tom Ford
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Thursday 31 January 12:22 p.m.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is teaming up with his favourite designer TOM FORD to create a collection of suits inspired by his new album.

The sharp-dressed singer is creating a line of shirts, ties and shoes with the former Gucci boss to accompany the release of his comeback album The 20/20 Experience in March (13).

The duo's clothes and accessories will feature in videos and visual campaigns for the album.

Ford worked with Timberlake on the snazzy outfits in the video for his latest song Suit & Tie, and also created the artwork for the single - which features a close-up of a Tom Ford tuxedo and bow-tie.

It's not the first time the stylish pair has collaborated - Ford made Timberlake's wedding outfit with input from the groom himself.


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