Johnny Depp's ex Paradis has a new man…

Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis

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Who do you date to get over Johnny Depp?

How about a French billionaire? Yeah that’ll do…

Vanessa Paradis and Johnny’s relationship ended recently, but she has since moved on to businessman Guy-David Gharbi, who she met while they were on a flight together! Here's what a source said:

"Vanessa and Guy-David have become close over the last few months and even though they are still taking things slowly, they are dating now. Guy-David's made his feelings clear for Vanessa but told her he's happy to give her all the time she needs. They've been going for quiet romantic dinners in Paris and just enjoying each other and having fun. It's been a very healing thing for her. Guy-David's put a smile back on Vanessa's face, she looks younger and is even singing and writing songs again."

By Megan Slovak

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