Joe Jonas takes shots at Disney

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Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers has written a lengthy article about his career as a Disney star.

Joe opened up sharing that it was very stressful & they were terrified of doing ANYTHING wrong especially after Vanessa Hudgens had her first lot of naked photos leaked.

Disney execs had planning meetings & put her on lock down afterwards & told all the other Disney stars to use it as an example putting pressure on not to humiliate Disney like she had.

He also revealed the first time he tried marujana from with Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato when he was 19 - He was hesitant but Miley & Demi peer pressured him into it

Joe also opened up about his break ups & said he lost his V Plates when he was 20 to a girl he now describes as ‘Bat Shit crazy’ then went on to say how he would never write a detailed song about an ex because he doesn’t need to air his dirty laundry to sell records   - Which was a blatant dig at his ex girlfriend Taylor Swift

The whole article is quite interesting check it out here

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