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Jetski Safari - Like a Lie (feat. Helen Corry)

jetski safari

jetski safari

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What is your single about?

'Like A Lie' a song about a girl getting disillusioned with our social media generation, or something. The music itself is very much 'electronic', drawing influence from our long held loves of house, disco and electronica. 

Where did you record this single, and who helped you out?

The instrumental itself was made in Sam Hill's home studio, aka Jetski HQ. We sent Helen a few instrumentals as she was recording her own album with 'Helen and The Birds' in Melbourne and had a spare fews minutes in the recording studio over there to write and record her vocal.We've also released it on our own without a label, but shouts to our almost manager Tory 'Jester' Staples (drummer in Decortica) for that savvy P Diddy-like managerial guidance.

Have you got a video out, if so what is the theme/story behind the video?

Video pending (nudge nudge wink wink NZ on Air) Know anyone who'll lend us a jet ski or seven?

Who’s in your band?

Jetski Safari is Auckland DJs Sam Hill & Dean Campbell making beats, and pulling in amazing guest vocalists like the uber-talented Helen Corry of Helen and the Birds who features on 'Like A Lie' 

Have you got any tours coming up?

We have a few select Auckland club shows over the next few months including December 14th at 1885, but the big two summer bookings to roll in so far are supporting Belgian DnB superstar Netsky on Boxing Day at the Waihi Beach Hotel, and playing main stage at next year's New Zealand Beer Festival. 

Have you got an album coming out soon?

Our single 'Like A Lie' is out on iTunes now, and we're in the studio now working on follow up material. An album is a wee way off, but look out for a new single in early 2013.

Purchase 'Like a Lie' on Itunes (for purchases outside NZ go here)

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