Jenna Ushkowitz launching denim line

Jenna Ushkowitz launching denim line
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Thursday 12 July 9:13 a.m.

Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz has become the latest celebrity fashion designer after launching her own denim line.

The actress/singer has teamed up with bosses at Wall Flower Jeans to create a back-to-school range for young fans.

She tells website, "I would say that there's something for everyone, I love the sassy skinnies, that's what I usually wear. It's very comfy. I always like to rewear clothes and this line is perfect for reusing."

Ushkowitz has a busy few months ahead of her - in addition to her fashion pursuits, she is also writing a motivational book about her rise to fame. Choosing Glee will also feature anecdotes about her time on the Broadway stage and as a regular on the Glee set.

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