Jay Z and Beyonce top Forbes celeb couple list for 2012

Jay Z & Beyonce

Jay Z & Beyonce

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By Chris Reeder

The Forbes Highest Paid Celebrity Couples list for 2012 has been released - who do you think was top?

1) Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles $78million

2) Tom Brady (he plays footy in America) and Gisele Bundchen $76million

3) David and Victoria Beckham $54million

4) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt $45million

5) Will Smith and Jada Pinkektt Smith $40million

In total these five couples pulled in a handsome $289,000,000.

Beyonce pulled in more than Jay Z with $40million off the back of sponsorship deals, royalties and sales from her album 4.

Jay-Z wasn’t too far behind raking in $38 million from his Watch The Throne album, nightclub, record label, publishing company, book and tour with Kanye West.

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