Jay-Jay & Dom do a bit of celeb spotting

Orlando Bloom and Dom

Orlando Bloom and Dom

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

I accidentally did quite a bit of celeb-spotting in the weekend...

We saw kiwi singer Massad at Christchurch airport yesterday. He had just performed at Christmas in the Park on Saturday night and was coming home in time for his Media Studies exam today.

Comedian Chopper Reid was on the plane home too. Well, the guy who plays him was. Heath Franklin was entertaining the passengers next to him by reading questions from Trivial Pursuit cards the entire flight.

And we ran into ORLANDO BLOOM in Queenstown. We were staying at The Sofitel, and I hopped in the lift and he was in there. Just me and him. He was on the phone but his key card wouldn’t work to get him up to the 6th floor. So he asked me if I could help him out. I looked at him and asked, “Are you Orlando?” and he replied ‘Yes” then kept talking on his phone. He was polite enough to thank me as he exited. When I got to the ground floor I told Dom I saw him and a moment later Orlando walked past. Dom asked for a pxt but Orlando was in a hurry and said, “mate can we do it later? I’m in a rush’ and then changed his mind. “Ok, but be quick, I have people waiting.” He reluctantly posed for a pic and was off again.

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