I’ve got the details on Demi Moore in rehab

Demi Moore

Demi Moore

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Demi Moore is in a rehabilitation facility called Cirque. Some of the details of what life is like for Demi inside have been leaked from an insider.

An insider says:

Demi isn't being forced fed or chastised for not wanting to eat though. The counselors at Cirque are working on giving Demi a safe and controlled environment, she is getting the best care possible. She is also dealing with an addiction to prescription medication, and she has a comprehensive team taking care of her.

People just say Demi should just eat something, well if it were that easy, she would. Anorexia is a very serious disease, and treatment can take three months before a patient begins to see success. She will likely stay at Cirque for at least 60 days. She doesn't have a roommate currently, but that could change though as she advances through the program.

Demi won't be allowed to call anyone during the first week, nor can she receive any phone calls. As time goes by, and if Demi is doing well, her doctors will allow her to have limited access to her cell phone for a small amount of time.

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